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DIRT WURX USA cranks out its best track ever?

Winkler and the boyz tee up a masterpiece in Larry Hull’s rolling Missouri soy field … “Could be the best amateur track we ever built,” says Winkler

MONROE, N.Y. (Nov. 11, 2010) – Take a 300 acre Missouri soy bean farm, some serious heavyequipment (courtesy of Fabic Cat), a property owner with a vision of having the region’s top motocross facility and a team of premier track builders from DIRT WURX USA and you’ve got the ingredients for a downright MX masterpiece!

“This could be the best amateur track DIRT WURX USA’s ever built,” beamed Rich Winkler, owner of DIRT WURX USA, sitting on a Motoworld Suzuki RM250 after several hot laps around his creation. “The place is just amazing.”

Located near Cape Girardeau, Mo., property owner Larry Hull spared no expense in turning his massive soy bean farm - complete with hills, valleys and ponds – Click for larger view into what may become the region’s ultimate motocross experience.

“With the help of Ryan Foley at Foley Cat we secured the Big Iron from Fabic and carved and filled the property in a way that enhanced the natural terrain in the flavor of a National – while still being amateur-friendly,” said Winkler. “There’s lots of fast and flowy up and down sections, step ups, downhill skis, side hill rolling fall-aways, banked sweepers, flowing rollers and a couple spots for some real big air.”

Winkler turned DIRT WURX USA star supercross operators Chris Blankenship and Kory Click for larger view Christensen loose with the initial layout, fills and carving, after which Winkler himself put the finishing touches on the track. “The guys did a super job,” he said of Blankenship and Christensen. Well over a mile in distance with two-minute lap times, the new facility – dubbed Twisted Throttle Motocross – is scheduled to open to the public in the spring of 2011.

“We’ve heard that Larry’s already turned down a couple offers to host races this fall – all because he wants everything looking perfect when he opens,” said Winkler. “When we were leaving he was already seeding all our cuts and the entire perimeter of the track.
He discussed with us his plans for a building with a concession area, sign up area, bathrooms, an announcer’s tower, and a glassed-in, air-conditioned viewing area for the fans up top.
He’s also planning on putting up white vinyl fencing to separate the track and pit area, and having a Click for larger view shaded area for the families. 

“The pictures we took just don’t do it justice. When everything is lush and green, and all Larry’s improvements are in place it’s going to be beautiful. This is definitely going to be a first-class facility.”

To see more photos on DIRT WURX USA’s Twisted Throttle build, link to: www.dirtwurx.com

Dirt Wurx USA - the premier SX/MX track design and construction company in the world – is the exclusive supercross race track design and construction firm for Live Nation and the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. With more than 18 years of global experience in the field, Dirt Wurx USA’s highly talented crew of designers and heavy equipment specialists not only build the world’s most visible tracks, but are also accessible for affordable track design and construction at the local level. For more information, please visit www.dirtwurx.com

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