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DIRT WURX USA caps the '12 competition SX season @ Vegas' Monster Energy Cup

Another highly successful Monster Energy Cup event by Feld Motor Sports is highlighted by the year’s most innovative track build by DIRT WURX USA

imgMONROE, N.Y. (Nov. 2, 2012) - A dual start. A Joker Lane. A never-before-seen Talladega Turn that goes into the stands. Plus a stunning array of jumps, bumps and berms that made for one heck of a night of racing in Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium.

DIRT WURX USA, called upon time after time turn a pile of dirt into the world dirt bike track – in a stadium – then in many cases have the place looking like nothing ever happened less than 24 hours afterwards. But at the Monster Energy Cup the cleanup lasted until the following Wednesday based on the massive scope of the event. Another monumental task, or small miracle depending on how it’s viewed, DIRT WURX USA had ‘er all bundled up nicely for the upcoming UNLV Running Rebels home football game.

img“This was definitely the most consuming Monster Energy Cup yet. From the initial design talks, through the process of finalizing the Cup track – and everything else leading up prior to a load of dirt hitting the Sam Boyd Stadium floor - was a lesson in synergy for all parties involved,” said DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler. “If fans had even the slightest idea of what it took to pull this year’s Monster Energy Cup off – from purely a logistical standpoint – they’re socks would roll up and down.

“This was a MONSTER from the very beginning.”

With the dirt hitting the floor on Sunday (prior to Saturday’s race),

From the onset Winkler had his doubts about the “Joker Lane,” an idea that Jeremy McGrath came up with in 2011 – and was finally implemented in the Monster Energy Cup for 2012. “That one obstacle (Joker Lane) ended up making a difference in the race’s final outcome in two of the three motos,” said Winkler. “I’d have never thought it would have that sort of effect. But it did, and it ended up being a good idea from McGrath.”

imgThe other obstacle that Winkler said definitely lent itself to the race was the Monster Energy Cup’s Talladega Turn – which sends rider up into the stands on this massive 200-foot NASCAR-like banked turn that takes up two-thirds of the stadium and was designed by former supercross champ and NASCAR Truck driver Ricky Carmichael.

“The thing was a bitch to build, but it certainly added more passing opportunities than the last feature we built up into the stands at Sam Boyd Stadium,” added Winkler.

Attendance-wise Winkler said the numbers were way up from the inaugural Monster Energy Cup event in 2011. “There were lots more fans and lots more of the top riders,” said Winkler. “I think it took a while for the fans and riders to grasp the concept of the event … to realize there was a lot more to it than a big purse, and to get in the spirit of the thing and have some fun. After this year’s race it’s gonna be bigger and better still in 2013.”

No rest for the wicked, though, as Anaheim 1 is rapidly approaching for the DIRT WURX USA crew.

“With the Monster Energy Cup behind us we are going full tilt on prep for 2013 Supercross,” said Winkler. “The preview video shown at Monster Energy Cup was so good it actually gave me goose bumps and got me fired up for Anaheim 1 even after doing this gig for 30-plus years!

“Everybody on my team and at Feld was recharged by such a cool and fun event as Monster Energy Cup. And we’re all moving towards the January 5th opener at 100 mph!”


Dirt Wurx USA - the premier SX/MX track design and construction company in the world – is the exclusive supercross race track design and construction firm for Feld Motor Sports and the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. With more than 19 years of global experience in the field, Dirt Wurx USA’s highly talented crew of designers and heavy equipment specialists not only build the world’s most visible tracks, but are also accessible for affordable track design and construction at the local level. For more information, please visit www.dirtwurx.com

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