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DIRT WURX USA steps out of the stadium to build test tracks for Jaugar automobile

No whoops, triples or technical rhythm sections, but for the $90K not-yet-released Jaguar XJ 3.0 All-Wheel Drive the DIRT WURX USA obstacles are a good test

imgMONROE, N.Y. (Oct. 3, 2012) – Called upon to use their expertise in dirt construction, the team at DIRT WURX USA has spent the past week building custom ride-and-drive test courses from Boston to Chicago for the new Jaguar XJ 3.0 All-Wheel Drive program.

The DIRT WURX USA crew, headed by veteran operator Kory Christensen, began in the parking lot at Foxboro Stadium (home of the NFL’s New England Patriots) in Massachusetts and worked through Philadelphia to Chicago, constructing numerous obstacles out of dirt for ride-and-drive experiences in the yet-to-be-released Jaguar.

“We’ve been working through the snowbelt states, building these tracks to test everything from traction control to cornering and articulation for this new Jaguar,” said Christensen. “There are supposedly five of them (Jag XJ 3.0 All-Wheel Drives) that exist in the world, and all five are on a semi and being used at these ride-and-drive events we’re building the test tracks for.”

imgConsiderably different than the massive dirt triples, rhythm sections and banked berms that DIRT WURX USA builds for supercross in major sports stadiums all over the world, the ride-and-drive tracks for Jaguar consist of some, understandably, considerably more mellow obstacles. But as Christensen points out, some contain an added twist that drivers would no doubt come across in the northern states where these events are taking place.

“There’s one section where we build a hill, which is then covered with a special surface that mimics ice,” explained Christensen, adding that they wet the interlocking plastic mat surface down and put vegetable oil on it as well to simulate actual ice. “We also put out some sand on the pavement in a corner area, along with some pea gravel where the drivers can throw the cars sideways, see how it reacts with the traction control on or off.”

This week the DIRT WURX USA crew is at Arlington Heights Raceway just outside downtown Chicago with Jaguar’s ride-and-drive program.

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