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DIRT WURX USA digs Kevin Windham's practice track up out of the wilderness

Giant weeds choke off K-dub’s practice track … DIRT WURX USA crew puts the blades to ‘er and – Voila! – Windham’s in business for Monster Energy Cup!

imgMONROE, N.Y. (Oct. 2, 2012) – Overrun by giant weeds and wild grasses, Kevin Windham’s practice track looked more like an award-winning salad garden than a motocross track. That said, K-dub hit Rich Winkler @ DIRT WURX USA headquarters on the speed dial and within 24 hours DW’s top gun operators Chris Blankenship and Kory Christensen were on site to unearth the track they’d built for Windham and his pro riding buddies a number of years ago.

Like archeologists hopped up on diesel fuel, Blankenship and Christensen ripped into the fertile Mississippi countryside, transforming the leafy green to dirt brown so that Windham could start cutting some hot laps in preparation for this month’s Monster Energy Cup.

“Frickin’ grass was waist-high when we got there,” said Christensen (see photos). “First thing we had to do was strip all the grass and build his transitions.”

Rather than leave piles of wild sod that they’d stripped mounded up all over the place, Christensen and Blankenship worked to maintain the pristine vistas of Windham’s lush farmland, albeit with a radically designed pro MX track plunked right in the middle of it. One of the tricks they used was to push Windham’s 80-foot double back, then push the bladed-up grass underneath it, bury it back so that nary a blade of grass or dandelion leaf was visible.

The centerpiece of Windham’s practice track would be a mind-boggling 14-whoop pad (average supercross whoop pads are eight to 12 whoops), to which Windham hit it wide open on the very first lap, according to Christensen, and had everyone in attendance’s heads shaking in disbelief. “Bam! Right down the middle on the top of every one of them,” said Christensen of one of the cool perks DIRT WURX USA operators get to witness when working on a pro’s track. “And that was a big-assed of a set of whoops we’ve ever built.”

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