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DIRT WURX USA teams with Florida's East Bay Supercross on a real-deal public supercross track

Challenging yet friendly, DIRT WURX USA’s effort on East Bay’s supercross track in Tampa is already drawing rave reviews – including props from Tim Ferry!


MONROE, N.Y. (Oct. 11, 2013) – When Michael and Michele Parisi set out to develop a motocross and supercross facility in Florida’s Hillsborough County they had two things in mind … 1.) To create a facility that features a first-rate track for its members, showcasing the moniker Built by riders, for riders. And 2.) Establish a family atmosphere that’s fun and exciting for everyone.So when the Parisis decided to add a supercross element to their three-year-old facility just outside Tampa, the first – and only - call went out to DIRT WURX USA.

“Without question this track is over-the-top incredible,” said Michael Parisi, a self-described “below average Vet racer.” “I am beyond happy with the job Dirt Wurx did. But then again, what else should I expect from the Monster Energy Supercross track builders? Working with Dirt Wurx is a big deal for a track owner and the best track builders in the world have done their job … Dirt Wurx nailed it!”

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CoZRoyKRlA

imgThe key for the job with the Parisis at East Bay Supercross and DIRT WURX USA was to build a track with a great deal of supercross-style features, including timing and rhythm sections, jumps beyond which amateur racers experience on East Bay’s motocross track and tighter turns that lead into these obstacles. And the challenge in all this was to create a master design – with distances and heights akin to pro supercross – but without the penalty for, say, a guy that has to be to work on Monday morning.

But this is something that DIRT WURX USA faces often during their time off from building the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, and FIM World Championship tracks … de-tuning like models of famous stadium tracks for use by everyday riders.

Posted Michael Parisi on East Bay Supercross’ Facebook page: “Cliff and I tested the new track tonight for safety and imgflow. Since we are below average old vet riders with full time jobs, kids and petrified of calling our wives from the ER, I felt we would be best qualified to test for the average riders.

Parisi continued the following day with this post: “I woke up this morning wanting to ride the new track again. I had some time to digest the experience and I am really happy with it. It’s a safe supercross track with a balance of speed and technicality while giving you the ability to go big just like a supercross track should be. Expect your first Moto on Saturday to be a getting the flow down. 2nd Moto you will feel like a pro.”

Added DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler: “The track came out good. The distances and heights and such definitely gave riders a supercross experience, without the penalty. If you did happen to come up short you landed on a ramp. Chris Blankenship (DW USA operator) got to ride it and was stoked with what we created for the Parisis. Flowed well and was safe for everybody.”

Parisi also said that a local pro and guy highly familiar with DIRT WURX USA’s tracks, MX/SX great Tim Ferry – who trains up-and-coming racers RJ Hamshire and Eric Grondalal, “Loves what Dirt Wurx has done calling it a fun safe supercross track. Thanks again to Dirt Wurx for doing the impossible ... Creating a SX track for all riders on their first try!” Other top local Florida pros Kyle Chisholm and Ricky Renner have also been cutting laps on the new DIRT WURX USA track at East Bay Supercross.



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