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Dirt Wurx August Update
By Rich Winkler

While Dirt Wurx has designed and built plenty of outer limits tracks for the world’s top racers – sculpting dirt into features that there’s no way you could get a 4x4 truck over – every now and then we get a request to tame things down a bit, and just build something fun to ride.. And such was the case this past weekend at an undisclosed location on the eastern seaboard.

Rewinding just a bit, we had originally built this track in 2004. Property owner Joe Walsh is a great guy, a successful businessman and just plain loves off road motorcycling and the sport of motocross. His property is the ideal mix of sand and clay – and is virtually rock-free, making for high roost track conditions. If you notice the photos you’ll also realize he’s got grass planted everywhere, even on the riding surface, which definitely helps slow the erosion process, and is actually still pretty nice traction for riding if it’s kept cut short, but this also made it somewhat difficult to work on.


Motocross on grass!

Motocross on grass!


Barn turn bowl

Barn turn bowl

Brand new Caterpillar D-3

Brand new Caterpillar D-3

With a quick call to Ryan Foley of Foley CAT – whose track we also build – a ‘good guy’ deal was set up for Joe. Brand new CAT D3 dozer and loader from Alban CAT (thanks, guys) and we were good-to-go, with the most time-consuming portion of the build being the cutting away of the grass, hauling it to another location then re-distributing dirt throughout the track. Once that was set we sat down with Joe and his buddies and discussed what they were looking for.

I figure those guys are pretty much all in their mid-to-late 40s. And what they lack in race experience they more than make up for in enthusiasm. This certainly helps when understanding what kind of build Joe wanted us to do on his track.

“I want it like a Hot Wheels track,” he said.

Hot Wheels track is SUCH a good analogy for somebody such as myself – a kid from the 1960s - to relate to. I knew exactly what they were looking for ! If we were to design and build the track they wanted into the side of a hill, they could have run it from one end to the other on their Sting Rays without having to pedal or put a foot down. On the flat ground we had to work with, it’d just be a matter of throttle on/throttle off. Nice smooth contoured take off ramps, landing ramps mellow enough as to not punish anyone coming up short – or over jumping them in some cases, no crazy stadium whoops, all the corners banked or turned into bowls…. Super Flow. If you’re good enough, once you get used to it and get your timing down, you could ride this track as if you were on a rail!

The re-build would take two solid days.

Joe’s farm actually pre-dates the Revolutionary War. Flanked by massive old growth trees, there’s plenty of shade and out buildings for rest/pit areas. But the guys weren’t much on sitting around. They couldn’t wait to hit the final product – and they didn’t - riding in areas where we weren’t running the equipment before we were even finished ! Just like a gang of kids – playing with their Hot Wheels.

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