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DIRT WURX USA is back at 'Jersey's top secrect SRFMX83 track for a complete rebuild

The year 4th DIRT WURX USA has cut into the New Jersey property of Ryan Foley to create/recreate a new motocross experience for the lucky locals

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MONROE, N.Y. (July 14, 2011) – The epic New Jersey ‘insider’ motocross track dubbed imgSRFMX83 received a major redo here recently courtesy of the DIRT WURX USA crew, expanding the existing terrain to feature a combination of GP-style wide open areas and technical options that suit both the beginner and advanced racer - all while maintaining a consistent flow throughout the two-minute-plus lap.

Said Ryan Foley of Foley Caterpillar, whose family owns the SRFMX83 property: “The track has undergone its best revision to date. The layout, the jumps, the turns and how it flows is just the best we have seen down there in the four years DIRT WURX has been visiting SRF. Rich (Winkler), Kory (Christensen) and Jeremy (Higgins) were welcome with open arms and Kory and Jeremy once again had the rare opportunity to ride the track that they built.”

Foley went on to say that it’s ideal to have the DIRT WURX USA crew ride the track in order to get firsthand experience at what needs to be tweaked and changed. “It amazes me that after all the tracks those guys build that they never get a chance to ride any of them. So we were pumped to have them ride the SRF track.”

During the rainout of their first trip to SRFMX83 the DIRT WURX USA crew got to hit up Foley CAT HQ – which is pretty much a dream factory for guys that operate heavy equipment. “Some big shit,” is what Winkler replied when asked what they saw. Check out the photos.

Once the rains subsided and the ground dried up DIRT WURX USA was back to ‘Jersey to put reconstruct the SRFMX83 track. “Ryan wanted to spread things out more – and he’s got plenty of property available to do just that,” said Winkler. “So we increased the speeds and flow, which also makes the track easier to mow in between the obstacles and maintain.”


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