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DIRT WURX USA shifts into private MX track construction mode, bangs out a gem in New York

Exclusive track in upstate New York has the look and feel of a classic MXGP track from the 1970s w/ all sorts of options

Photo: Rich Winkler cell

MONROE, N.Y. (June 15, 2011) – When you’ve got a company that can turn a flat, concrete stadium floor into the premier dirt bike battleground in the world, imagine what they can do when you give them 60 acres of rolling glacial moraine with nary a stone buried in the top several feet of black, loamy soil.

Summertime for DIRT WURX USA means private track design and construction all over the planet for the MX industry’s premier track builders. And Rich Winkler and crew just kicked off the 2011 season with a gem not too far down the road from DIRT WURX USA global headquarters in upstate New York.

Though we can’t disclose the precise whereabouts of the track due to security reasons, Winkler said that last week’s GP-style construction job started on a piece of property unlike anything he’s ever carved up in the northeast United States.

“When the dozer blades first hit the earth on this property I knew right away we were cutting into something special,” said Winkler. “On that entire week spent on 60 acres of rolling pasture we didn’t dig up one rock. Absolute sheer perfection in terms of what you’d wish for with land and dirt quality.”

imgOn the MX National-size piece of property Winkler and the DIRT WURX USA crew – working closely with the track owner and his immediate riding buddies – began to accentuate the existing terrain. Ripping into the earth and letting the natural grade of the land determine the course and flow of the track, Winkler said “All we really needed to do was make the high areas higher and the low areas lower. And what we came away with was a classic old school GP-style track, the kind of which DeCoster, Robert and Weil used to battle on. So it’s perfect for the owner and his buddies’ vintage bikes, while also being a nice change of pace for younger racers on modern bikes that are used to supercross-style additions to natural MX tracks.”

Keeping in mind the wide age variance and ability levels that accompanies the sport of motocross, Winkler and the DIRT WURX USA crew built a number of options into the track as well. “There’s still plenty of jumps,” he explained, “but jumps where you don’t have to worry if you’re running a Husky or Bultaco with a down pipe.”

With 2:20 fast and flowy lap times, DIRT WURX USA maintained a consistent pace in the track that allows for lap after lap of flat out riding. “There’s no going all ‘Jeremy McGrath’ for nine tenths of a lap, then having to roll something. You can ride all out all over the entire track.”

Next up for DIRT WURX USA is the complete re-do of the famous Foley/SRFMX83 MX facility in New Jersey.




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