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DIRT WURX USA and the SRFMX83 crew combine on another track build/wild New Jersey weekend!

Compound owner Ryan Foley of Foley CAT fame calls on the DIRT WURX USA team to up the ante on the previous tracks they’ve built @ Stone Rows Farm

imgMONROE, N.Y. (June 12, 2012) – It’s become a rite of summer in a sense, the closing of the Monster Energy Supercross season now trends right into a weekend of dirt bikes, terrific laughs and global bench racing that transcends the motocross and snowboard industries.

And all the while, with rows of brand spankin' new Foley CATERPILLAR equipment lined up at their disposal, the DIRT WURX USA team pulls together a new track for Ryan Foley and his buddies at the famed – and top secret – SRFMX83 compound.

For five years now DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler and Foley have combined on track design and construction at SRFMX83, with the recent build & re-build continuing the tradition that offers up challenging – yet rideable – American MX, GP-style and supercross terrain for racers of all levels.

“You’ve got guys that flat out rip, along with guys that run lap after lap without getting the front tire off the ground. So each year we look at what we have on the beautiful grounds of Stone Rows Farm and try and come up with something new that everyone will have fun riding.” explained Winkler

img“Ryan’s circle of MX-loving friends may range right across the spectrum in terms of riding ability, but everybody is into some action sport, and they all get such a kick out of the "opening day" weekend after we re-do the track every year, that it just makes it really fun to be a part of.   Plus we have no real time deadline, so we can bring our own bikes and ride... alot !

I love doin' this track.   It's like getting back to your roots... just riding with a group of friends for thepure fun of it."

According to Foley the DIRT WURX USA guys can pretty much do no wrong on his property. And it’s not so much a matter of input from all the guys as it is just letting Winkler do his thing.

“There have been times when I feel apprehensive or unsure about ideas we have given Rich,” said Foley. “Did we give him enough to do? Did we provide the right ideas? You’d think after five years I’d learn that Rich is Rich and he does what no man can do better – build kickass supercross and motocross tracks!”

For 2012 at Stone Rows Winkler, along with DIRT WURX USA operator/racer Bobby Childers, incorporated some mini-Millville rollers, some ‘hero’ whoops, two dragon back jumps, a new step up and a number of new swales in corners – along with a new 75-foot tabletop. In addition, Winkler and Childers ran a CAT CS-433E dirt roller on the track to smooth out an area that would be ideal for an impromptu go-kart race!

“Rich’s talents in the 938H (CAT loader) and Chilly’s (Childers) smooth handling skills in the D4K LGP (CAT dozer) are something to admire and respect. But what I respect the most are the friendships we’ve formed over the year with Rich and all his guys at DIRT WURX USA. They are class act guys and I’m proud to call them my friends.”

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