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‘Dilla MX Rewind! DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler & friends revel amongst the bikes of yesteryear

A virtual bonanza for motocross racers, fans and historians of all ages – Unadilla plays host to some of the sport’s legends and the machines they created & raced

imgMONROE, N.Y. (June 24, 2013) - It'd have taken a cutting torch, pry bar and a couple longshoremen to get the smiles off the faces of the guys attending Unadilla's recent "MX Rewind" event. And DIRT WURX USA's Rich Winkler was right in the middle of it, racing and showing off some of the vintage motocross and mini bikes he's collected over the years.

"What an amazing weekend of events. Big props to Unadilla for hosting the MX Rewind event again, along with all the great names in the sport that helped pull it off," said Winkler. "It's just a great, big celebration of the old bikes, with many of the guys who were involved in creating them and racing them on hand for what's become one of the year's best bench racing sessions."

imgWinkler, who held an AMA pro license in the late '70's, would swap race stories with the likes of Gary "The Professor" Bailey, Barry Higgins, Ron Lechien, John DeSoto, Guy Cooper, etc., many of whom were Wink's boyhood heroes.

Also joining that venerable crew were the guys that created many of the great race bikes of yesteryear, like Sal and Sonny DeFeo of the cult-like Ghost Motorcycles, the guys responsible for restoring them back to their original form today, like Mike Palmgren of Vintage Motorsports and Bill Eyler of East Coast Maico, and many former racing rivals like multi-time District 2/34 champ Jeff Conboy, and east coast moto legend Mickey Kessler.

imgWith 700 plus entries putting the Unadilla event on-par with the great Mid-Ohio vintage event, MX Rewind featured two divisions of 50-plus Expert alone!  And the bike brands were just as exotic as the old dudes that continue to get after it on dirt bikes, including early 4-stroke motocrossers like the BSA Victor and the legendary Rickman Metisse, LOTS of Husqvarnas, Maicos CZs, Bultacos, Ossas, Montesas, etc., and some super rarities like a Benelli 175cc enduro, Gary Bailey's original and un-restored championship winning Greeves (which Winkler called "a survivor"), several Rokon autos, German MZs, Zundapps, Sachs/DKW's and Sachs/Hercules. Winkler said there was even a 70-year-old guy racing on a 500cc Indian scramble bike!

"Unfortunately my Maico grenaded during practice," sighed Winkler on his short-lived racing seat time on the weekend. "I was following Denny Schwartz (former Ohio-based 1970s Maico pro), trying to double part of an uphill double section, when my bike kind of made that 'death rattle' before it locked up. Luckily the Unadilla staff had several quads with single rail trailers to ferry wounded vintage bikes back to the pits, so I was saved a long push, and got a ride back on the 'Hook.'"
Winkler would re-group in the pits and entered his early 1970s "El Gato" in the mini bike show contest - and it won 1st place in the "Rarest Bike" category. The El Gato was part of the Hodaka-powered "last gasp" of the American lawn mower engine mini bike manufacturers before the Honda and Yamaha minis took over, explained Winkler.

For more information on Unadilla’s MX Rewind, check out their website @ unadillamx.com.

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