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DIRT WURX USA completes a new track at the exclusive SRFMX83 facility in New Jersey

Ryan Foley of Foley CAT has DIRT WURX USA re-design the Stone Rows Farm track – including running it backwards – to feature both SX and GP-style MX

imgMONROE, N.Y. (May 24, 2013) – DIRT WURX USA traveled to an undisclosed location in New Jersey this weekend to tune-up and re-create another spectacular motocross track on the Stone Rows Farms grounds, aka SRFMX83, the private track of Foley CAT’s Ryan Foley built for he and his closest MX-loving buddies.

The sixth year that DIRT WURX USA has been called upon to work with the riders at SRFMX83, this year’s effort included a complete re-tooling of the features in order to allow the track to be run backwards. This along with farming up some addition dirt off the property to enhance the existing rollercoaster, created a thrilling SX-style section of the predominately GP-style MX track.

img“Ryan’s got a wide-array of friends that ride, coming in at all different ability levels,” said DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler. “This presents a bit of a challenge in that you want everyone to be challenged … but you don’t want to build features where, if you come up short, the penalty’s too severe. So Stone Rows Farms really takes some input from all the riders to come up with the ideal track design year after year.”

Arriving this past Wednesday, Winkler and the acclaimed Monster Energy AMA Supercross track building team of DIRT WURX USA veteran members Bobby Childers and Kory Christensen, along with rookie Alex Gillespie, took to the track aboard a fleet of Foley CAT-supplied equipment – the same D4K LGP dozers, 938H loaders, various skid steers, backhoes and excavators they operate to construct (and destruct) the pro stadium tracks with. The thrashing continued throughout the day on Thursday and, in the fast-paced build-before-the-rain-comes fashion that DIRT WURX USA’s so used to, the track was ready-to-ride on Friday.

“The plan was to turn the whole track around in reverse, so we pretty much had to work on every obstacle,” said Winkler. “We designed things so the speeds could be run relatively low in the imgsupercross section – and without much penalty for the beginner riders – then you can go all out through the MX section, all GP-style.”

With a number of Foley’s buddies arriving on Friday, suggestions were made, much like during a pro track walk on the Friday prior to an SX event, and some last-minute changes were put in place on Saturday morning before a full-on moto session went down.

“The SRFMX83 squad was elated to see our friends Rich Winkler, Kory Christensen, Bob Childers and Alex Gillespie from DIRT WURX USA arrive at Stone Rows Farm,” said Foley. “We spent a good amount of time this year gathering ideas of what to do with the track and its current layout … and we again achieved something quite special. More dirt was harvested, the track was reversed and the layout is still challenging and safe for all levels of riders.”

Foley received an added bonus when Gillespie broke out his RC helicopter – equipped with a GoPro camera – and took some aerial shots of SRFMX. “Alex snapped some of the most beautiful pictures of SRF that I have ever seen. And all-in-all we had a great time, shared many stories, had lots of laughs and, oh yeah, rode some dirt bikes as well!”

Added Winkler: “This is always a fun event for DIRT WURX USA every year. Our guys really look forward to coming out. Ryan Foley really rolls out the red carpet for us and it’s always a great time hanging out and bench racing with his friends after we ride.”

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