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Windham helps DIRT WURX USA with New Orleans track, Wink & crew then haul ass to finish Seattle

Perpetually rainy Seattle presents same issues every year for DIRT WURX USA, but the crew rallies and bangs out a track, then covers it as the rains arrive

imgMONROE, N.Y. (April 22, 2012) – You gotta love Kevin Windham. Unfortunately banged up prior to his hometown race at New Orleans’ Superdome, Windham gets to talking with Rich Winkler and the DIRT WURX USA crew and decides since he’s on the sidelines he might as well help out building the track.

No stranger to heavy equipment, Windham often tunes up the DIRT WUX USA-built track with his own equipment on his property in nearby Mississippi. However, it was a new-fangled CAT loader – one you run with a joystick versus a steering wheel – that caught the veteran supercross racer’s eye.

“You know, we’ve had steering wheels in vehicles for what – 200 years? But he (Windham) was curious and wanted to run it, so we gave him the green light,” said Winkler.

Nursing two separated shoulders, jacked-up knee and a gnarly wrist sprain, Windham took the reins of the massive CAT 966 loader and, being a pilot himself, quickly wired the airplane-like joystick controls. But instead of picking up a couple loads of dirt and dumping it somewhere, Winkler put Windham to work. “I told him ‘Why don’t you just build the finish line jump?’ Kind of riding him a bit in front of the DIRT WURX guys,” said Winkler.

“OK,” said Windham.

And some 90 minutes later DIRT WURX USA and the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship, had its finish line jump for New Orleans – courtesy of Kevin Windham.

Winkler started laughing. “I think Kevin thought he was gonna get off easy, run the loader for a few minutes then hop back off. But once he got into it, and got like halfway through it, you could see in his eyes that he wanted to finish it through the end – if not the DIRT WURX guys were gonna bust his chops the rest of the year for it!,” Winkler said.

When Windham got down from his perch high above the Superdome floor in the massive $400,000 piece of CAT equipment he had a new appreciation for the skill and effort the DIRT WURX USA guys bring to the table every weekend on the Monster Energy Supercross tour.

“As a rider, and I’ll admit I’m one of the guys that complains about jump size … but after doing that everything that was six foot I’d make four foot, and everything four foot I’d make two foot,” said Windham laughing.

After New Orleans Winkler and Chris Blankenship high tailed it in the DIRT WURX USA hauler all the way across the country to Seattle for this weekend’s Monster Energy Supercross round at Centuryline Field. Track’s built and covered, ready for what should be some decent weather for Saturday night’s race according to local reports.

DIRT WURX USA stays out west for next weekend’s Utah SX round at of the Monster Energy Supercross Series – Rice-Eccles Stadium – April 28th.

Dirt Wurx USA - the premier SX/MX track design and construction company in the world – is the exclusive supercross race track design and construction firm for Live Nation and the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. With more than 18 years of global experience in the field, Dirt Wurx USA’s highly talented crew of designers and heavy equipment specialists not only build the world’s most visible tracks, but are also accessible for affordable track design and construction at the local level. For more information, please visit www.dirtwurx.com

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