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DIRT WURX USA's building the first SX track at Oakland Stadium since 'back in the day'

Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, home of the Raiders & Athletics, hosts Monster Energy Supercross for the first time since Ron Lechien won in ‘84

MONROE, N.Y. (Jan. 30, 2011) – Dressed like something out of Mad Max, the rabid NFL Raiders fans that inhabit the north end zone – dubbed the “Black Hole” – of Oakland-Alameda County (Calif.) Stadium would probably look out at all the dirt and heavy equipment carnage thrashing on their beloved field and go “Cool.”img

DIRT WURX USA, the track builders for Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, have just put the final touches to another dirt-sculpted masterpiece in California – a proving ground for the world’s best dirt bike racers.

“Oakland Stadium’s got a lot of history going, man. This is where Led Zeppelin played their last U.S. tour and the Grateful Dead got their start,” said DIRT WURX USA’s Rich Winkler. “And it’s huge here … the biggest footprint we’ll work with all year.”

One interesting design characteristic of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium is that the actual playing surface is sunk down some 21 feet below sea level. This not only gives fans a unique perspective on the action, but also played into some famous lore regarding the sport of supercross.

“They used a lot of sand in the original track, probably figuring that, in the event it did rain – which it does quite a bit this time of year in the Bay Area - the water would percolate down to the stadium’s drainage system,” explained Winkler, who added  this design/construction idea is what led to the legend of Jammin’ Jimmy Weinert and the famous ‘paddle tire incident.’

“Weinert showed up for the Oakland SX in ’79 with a paddle tire on his Kawi and smoked everyone,” said Winkler. “After that the AMA banned paddle tires.”

Fast forward back to 2011 and Winkler says that a certain amount of sand is still the best option for Oakland, although the weather’s been flat out perfect (uppers 60s to 70s) through out the week and expected to stay that way through the weekend.

“Oakland will be a sandier than normal track, which will mean a heck of lot more maintenance work for us during the race,” said Winkler. “But given the gigandos stadium floor, it should make for more of an MX National-type track with natural acceleration and braking bumps, more areas to pass.

“It will rut up, but when the main line’s rut get too deep, riders will be forced to select alternative lines, which will lead to more exciting racing with all the passing opportunities.”

 Check out www.supercrossonline.com for more information.


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